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    Computer Architecture or Data Structure-Which will be a better course?

    I want to do a course in computer architecture or data structure. Which one will be better from professional point of view? I am doing graduation in electronics.

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    Re: Computer Architecture or Data Structure-Which will be a better course?

    Hello ,
    Actually anything you pick up , first check all the details about that course and look for your interests .

    Computer Architecture will deal with the core design and intrinsic etails of a micro-controller or a processor (electronics field )
    It envolves the study of memory map , memory managemnet in registers , all flags , interrupts and others components such as
    ALU (Arithematic logic unit ) , timers , cnotrol unit .
    It deals with the address lines and how it circuit is established .

    Data structure is mainly your computer lang programming (high level) .
    It will have the concept of oject oriented programming (OOPs) and involve languages such as
    C++ , java , dot net etc .
    It deals with classes , strctures and other concepts in the field of programming .
    It doesn not involve the study of intrinic details of the processor .

    So it is one's own interst whether you want to go for a coding course or want to study the micro-controller .
    Both courses are equally good and reputed .
    Just interest is what makes it more appealing .

    Thank you !

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    Re: Computer Architecture or Data Structure-Which will be a better course?

    Re: Computer Architecture or Data Structure - which will be a better course?

    Hi friends,

    I think my opinion both are the best course.

    Computer Architecture course details:

    This is a third level course, that aims to develop a thorough understanding
    of high performance in computer architecture.
    It is build up the foundation for advance work in computer architecture.

    Data Structure course details:

    Data structures play a central role in modern computer science.
    You interact with data structure much more often with algorithms.
    This course will cover major results and current directions of research in data structure.

    So I think many students prefer that Data Structure.
    But the opportunities is very poor.

    So I think my opinion you can join the Computer Architecture because opportunities very high.


    GOOD LUCK.........

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