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    Comparison of perks between PSUs and IAS?

    what is 'perk of PSU' related witH IAS? I mean I want to compare them actually so please through some light on this...

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    Raajkumar Array
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    Re: Comparison of perks between PSUs and IAS?

    PSU is the Public Sector Units, where the company comes under the state or the center government.
    In Public sectors if you have to take up a job then you need to prepare for it and apply for each and every company whenever they have openeings.
    They look for the experience and also there is reservation for filling up the jobs.
    IAS is the Indian Administrative service, which is introduced by the British government before independance.
    This is for the administrative purpose of a region usually a district.
    You need to write the UPSC exam and get selected for this job.
    In IAS service you will be the head of a district and there are more respect and also responsibilities.
    But in PSU's you will be known in the industry unit alone and it takes years of experience.

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    Re: Comparison of perks between PSUs and IAS?

    Dear, friend it is difficult to compare between these two. But let us take an example to compare with these two.In PSU you can get even unexpected perks if the company is based on commission or sometime not even your poceket money if not able to complete your given target or fails to make any insurance,if you are engineer it will also not be able to compete with I.S. The IS officer have high salary and there are also many hidden benefits wich they receive and are highly respected and enjoy the more powers.

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    Re: Comparison of perks between PSUs and IAS?

    HELLO ASPIRANTS ,Both different each other and but i will give information about

    PSUs and IAS officer different .PSU stand for public sector unit

    and IAS is more than PSU its a high post goverment sector.More

    powerful and respectful fully high salary and persanality.PSU

    is a under state and goverment .IAS join after graduation with

    60% and you give UPSC exam and then you get job in IAS officer.


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    Re: Comparison of perks between PSUs and IAS?

    Hai friends

    ias stands for the indian administrative service

    the ias exam is conducted by the union public service commission of india ,under the control of the central government

    to write the ias exam the minimum qualification is should complete the graduation degree in any stream

    after attending in the interview ,you can get the ias job

    you want to work hard more for getting the ias

    psu stands for the public sector units

    the psu sometimes refereed as the state and government sector

    which deals with either the production owner ship ,sales,provisions

    hope this information helps you

    good luck

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    Re: Comparison of perks between PSUs and IAS?

    Dear friend,

    PSUstands for public sector unit such as NTPC,BHEL,SAIL,ONGC,etc. where as IASstands for Indian Administrative Officer.

    Inorder to get job in PSU & if you are B.Tech,you will have to appear for GATE exam& depending upon your ranks in GATE you can apply for job in PSU on theiradvertisement.

    Whereas any graduates can write UPSC exam for IAS.

    Ifyou succeed in UPSC exam,you can be posted as sub-collector,sub-Divionalofficer at the initial post & gradually become DISTRICTMAGISTRATE,commissioner ,Secretary,chief secretary etc.

    AnIAS officer is over & above of the head of all departments in thedistrict,if he is Distict Magistrate.

    Soboth are different & IAS is superior.


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