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    Comparison in performance creating personal differences

    Being competitive and working is one thing and throwing comments openly in front of two similar employees is one resulting to jealousy, non performance and a sense of unhealthy competition. This is the scene in our office as my boss always compares the performances in open.

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    Re: Comparison in performance creating personal differences


    Friend, these situation is totally depends upon the understanding and relationship of others and between you all. You all know the nature of your boss that he compares everybody in front of them and these thing happens to many of you, you can do two thing either make a strong relationship with all your employees and if somebody is not getting the goal as much as you can then try to help him and this will create good feeling for you and the second thing you can do is meet your boss when he is good mood and make him realize that a good result will produce when everybody will work together but his behaviour is diving the whole office and that will cause a loss to his company, make him realize this point very humbly and this may help you.


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    Re: Comparison in performance creating personal differences

    Comparison is something that you should take it in a challenging manner sometimes you work so hard but your not given importance and also some people will always find mistakes .. You cannot shut mouths of all people but its important that you develop an learning attitude if someone says sometimes.. Argument with people who find mistakes and who don't believe in competition is waste of time and energy..

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