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    Company trying to transfer me against my wishes

    I am working in a software company. As I knew that my job is transferable, thus I have already informed my manager in the beginning that I donít want to get transferred to the south as I am not comfortable with the environment there.Then they accepted my plea but now they have decided to transfer me to Karnataka. I have told them that I had talked to them earlier with regards to this but they are not ready to listen now. What should I do in this situation?

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    Re: Company trying to transfer me against my wishes

    Dear aspirant,
    Try more to convince him but in case he is not listen you then approach to HOD or upper manager and try to convince him but if he is also not ready with your reason then i think you have just two option 1.obey your boss go to karnataka or 2.leave the job.i think 1st option is more better than 2nd.Best of luck.

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    Re: Company trying to transfer me against my wishes

    Hi aspirant

    As you job is transferable, so you should be ready for such things and to face such difficulties in your professional life. Life is not a bed of roses. But of course I can understand your situation that you have earlier informed this to your company that they should not transfer you to the South and they have agreed at that time. But now they are not keeping their promise made to you and that is certainly wrong on their part. This is definitely injustice on their part to treat you in such a manner. They should not take undue advantage of their employees in this manner and should maintain their promises.

    But as they have given nothing to you in writing , so sadly you don't have any proof in this matter. But of course you should not be discouraged by that and should definitely talk to your manager again. Tell him that you had earlier told them not to transfer you to the south and they promoised you that they wouldn't. So now they are not doing the right thing by transferring you to Karnataka against your wishes and should better withdraw these transfer orders. Otherwise you will be forced to take strict action against them. You request them that you really want to continue this job and thus not to transfer you to Karnataka. You hope they will try and understand your plight.

    I am sure your manager will take the decdision in your favour and then you will be relieved. Good luck

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    Re: Company trying to transfer me against my wishes

    Hello friend,
    you have to just talk to the higher authorities and tell him about the problem you have to face if your transfer took place..
    they will definitely solve your problem...


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