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    Company putting the burden of working overtime on the male employees only

    I am working in a small private firm. Recently we have a lot of work pending and thus the company is putting pressure on us to complete the work soon. In view of the recent rapes happening in our country, the burden of the overtime work has come on the shoulders of the male employees only. I can understand their decision but I donít think it is right to put a lot of pressure on us . What can we do to lessen our burden?

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    Re: Company putting the burden of working overtime on the male employees only

    Dear aspirant,
    i can understand your situation. you have to convince female employees to do OT atlist for 1 or 2 hour she can come early in the morning even you also rather then evening OT you can come on early morning.Other wise you have to convince your manager to take back OT or you can explain how you suffered physically nervous and what ever you have reasons.

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    Re: Company putting the burden of working overtime on the male employees only

    Hi friend

    Your problem is certainly understandable and you should definitely do something to lessen your burden and excessive work pressure otherwise it is going to affect your health badly. You know that your health is the most important for you if you want to keep working continuously. So you should definitely talk to your management regarding this issue and try to get this matter solved.

    It is understandable that why your management has overburdened only the male employees as it is , of course, unsafe for the females to go to their homes late at night due to the recent rape cases happening in our country. But this does not mean that the males should sacrifice their health for completing the work. So you should tell the managemnt to lessen the work burden for the employees so that they canmaintain a consistency in their performance and does not let it deteriorate. They should not make you work overtime and rather should give you permission to take the work to your home so that you can complete it there. You ensure them that you will be completing the pending work on time but they also should think about your health.

    I am sure your management will pass the decision in your favour and also you should yourselves remain fit by doing meditation exercises or yoga. Good luck

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