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    Company is planning to give employee retention award to the old employees

    In my company there are lots of people who are working here from past 6-7 years. Itís a small software company. We pay the employee handsomely and payment increases after every 6 months. With all this facilities most of the employees leave the organization and go for various reasons. Now for these employees who are working from past 6-7, company is planning to provide Employee retention award. Can anybody help me in getting ideas on how to provide these employees?

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    Re: Company is planning to give employee retention award to the old employees

    hello sir definitely it is good work to attracting new employees and also for working employees for courageous.it should be given for employees by their work ratings not as post of profile.if anybody do work with full of concentration then he is too eligeble for same.award may be cash bonus some gifts as needed or other possible things those may be important as economicallyfor the employees.all the best

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    Re: Company is planning to give employee retention award to the old employees

    Hi friend

    It is certainly wishful thinking on your part to do a thing like this as giving awards to your employees so as to give them some incentives to work harder ..Also it is very sad that inspite of you paying your employees handsomely and with good environment still many of your employees are leaving your company for whatever reasons..But you should not be disheartened by this and keep encouraging your employees who are presently working for you..So giving rewards is certainly a good form of encouragement and you should certainly carry out this initiative..

    You can small cash awards or some additional benefits to your employees like increasing their pay or promoting them etc but even still better you can provide them with certain mementos which they can adorn their furniture with and will always remember this gesture of yours..This memento can be in the form of a trophy or statue of any God or Goddess..You can take ideas from other senior officials regarding this..

    This will certainly encourage all your employees and they will work harder and strive to achieve such excellence as the awardees and also will not leave your company ..Hoping for the best for you..

    Good luck..God Bless

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