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    Company not providing stationery on their own

    I am working in finance providing company as an analytical manager. It’s very common that I need small or big stationery items for maintaining the document and other petty works. But the company is not providing me these items and when demanded they said the amount will be deducted from salary. What should I do?

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    Re: Company not providing stationery on their own

    Dear Friend!

    its company problem not you. You are working as a analytical manager there. You may ask from your senior or company's HR or any concern person "How to solve this issues without stationery" who say that money will be deducted from your salary for these when you ask for small or big stationery items, Surely they will tell you regarding this if you don't have any idea. if its really a complicated issues for you then you can talk company higher authorities. Or you may take help of computer .

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    Re: Company not providing stationery on their own


    This is very strange! Every company provides stationery items to its employers.This is because the work is related to the company itself! I am really surprised why arent they providing it?Check whether other staffs are getting it or not.If not,then all of you should talk to your higher authorities and clarify the issue.They should provide you with a suitable reason for which they arent providing the same! If still they dont provide it,then all of you should contribute some money and buy stationery from any wholesale dealer at cheaper rate.

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    Re: Company not providing stationery on their own


    this is very sad because company will barrow the everything not the employee that is a bad organization i think so and in every organization they will provide the stationary

    to employees not like your company So go to manager and tell me him regarding this issue and clarify the issue.they should provide the you with a suitable reason for why

    they are not provide the stationary.otherwise you should contribute some money and buy stationary from any wholesale deals at cheap rates

    all the best

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    Re: Company not providing stationery on their own

    hello friends..

    ## most of the companies provides the their own stationery

    ## in the small companies and recently developed companies are not providing the stationery

    ## so be close with the management people they will cooperate to you for yorr stationery

    all the best

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    Re: Company not providing stationery on their own

    Hello,As you are using the stationary for the sake of companies work and not for your personall work,the company should provide it to you..It is really unlucky if they deduct it from your salary..Kindly say this to your higher authority about this..And usually the stationary are affordable and there is nothing to loose for the firm if they provide..Stress this point and convince the authority..Thank you..

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    Re: Company not providing stationery on their own

    Hi aspirant

    I can definitely understand your problem and definitely sympathise with you. Your company should definitely provide with stationary items which you need the most and they should certainly not charge anything for the same . They should be responsible enough to provide their employees with the things of need otherwise how will they work for the company. They should also realise that such things will affect the reputation of their company badly.

    You should definitely talk to your higher officials for this and thus try to put your griefs in front of them. Tell them that you need small or big stationary items for maintaining the documents and other petty works . So it is the duty of your company to provide you with these. But they are behaving in a very weird manner and not providing you with these items. And when you demand this from them they say the amount will be deducted from your salary. You want them to look into this matter and thus provide you full justice in this matter.

    I am sure that your higher officials will help you out in this matter and thus your problem will definitely be solved . Good luck and thanks

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    Re: Company not providing stationery on their own

    It is too strange. And I am in doubt that your management does not know anything regarding this. So As per birbal, “Every such problems have one solution – the revolution”.

    1. Do as been told. Do not use papers, pens, markers. Use chalks, bricks to write.
    2. You record all things in the computer system.
    3. When asked for a summary or report then forward the report through e-mail.
    4. Communicate though e-mail, for calling a meeting, reporting to boss, asking any questions to the team leader and all for which you needed papers.
    5. Do not waste a single paper. You can write phone nos., names or vital client information in the blank places of a newspaper and submit them also to all(to clients, to colleagues, to Boss, to accounts, to everybody.
    6. Use your walls as paper and bricks as pen to write when both are not available from accounts
    7. This is going to make a revolution.
    8. But remember one thing. The problem of ‘not giving any stationary’ must be everyone’s complain.
    9. It should be taken care of by the management if You do not have the records of misusing stationary things earlier.
    Bye take care.

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