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    Company not giving leave even on National holidays

    I am working in a private firm. Our company is very stringent in giving us leaves. Tomorrow is Republic day and our company has yet not announced it off . I think it is obvious that National holidays are not working days but our company management is not ready to understand the same. How to deal with such stringent rules?

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    Madhu M Array
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    Re: Company not giving leave even on National holidays

    Hi friend

    Your company has no right to withheld you during the National holidays and even during all the major holidays of the year. They can be punished by the government if they make you work even during the National holidays. They should realise their responsibility towards their employees and not put such unnecessary pressure on them. If they put so much pressure on their employees this can even affect their health and will be a drawback for the company too.

    You and all your colleagues should definitely raise your voice against such injustice so that your manager also realises that who they are dealing with and that they can't take such undue advantage of your silence. You along with some of your colleagues should go to your manager and tell him that the management is doing the right thing by not even going you off on National holidays. It is every employee's right to get off on a national holiday and any company which does not stick to these rules can be easily punised by the government. So the company should see to it that the employees get proper holidays as that will also help them to rejuvenate themselves and thus not take any unnecessary stress. This will help in de-stressing the employees which in turn will be beneficial for the company as then the employees will able to perform better with fresh minds. Otherwise this can badly affect their health also. So you hope that your company understands your problem and will thus give you your due starting from now onwards.

    I am sure that your managemnt will definitely look into this matter of yours and for the sake of the reputation of their company and for its benefit will definitely provide you with the proper holidays . Then you won't have to worry about anything and will surely enjoy your holidays as you like rather than spending your time in the office. So you better make it a point to take this matter to the manager as soon as possible and thus you will get justice soon.

    Good luck friend. thanks

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    Re: Company not giving leave even on National holidays

    Hello ,

    Repulic day is a gazetted holiday ( Not a working day ) and thus no company has the right of calling their employee to work . For that matter , all national
    holidays are meant to be off day for the companies .
    If your firm is calling it a working day , you can bring the matter and the government can interfere with the management .
    ALthough , you should not let anything reputation of the company go down , so you and your colleages can go to the management
    and show your disapproval for the working day on republic day (and other national holidays).

    Tell them that the employee are not happy with the managemnet and this wll directly result in a conflict between the workers and the management
    which will benefit nobody .
    Convince them that we are a team , and without proper holidays the stress of work is over-powering the employees and
    we dont get to spend adequate time with our families .

    Tell them they are not running the company as per the guidelines of the government which is not fair for the employees
    and they are building disrespect for the management .

    I hope your silence will not be treated as your weakness and once you convey your views , the company will defiitely
    improve its concerns towards their employees .

    Thank You !

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    Re: Company not giving leave even on National holidays

    Hello Friend,
    In private comapies or IT sector you wont find this kind of facility,actually they give 2 days off in a week so inorder to maintain a balance they have separate kind of leave policy in which they may frame national holidays as company holidays or may not.its entirely depends on the management what they decide.in different companies this policy varies and its not like that they dont entertain any national holidays ,there are few definitely which they take as holidays and few og them like they may take location specific holidays like ganesh chaturthi in mumbai,holi in noida as these are the major festival in these locations so company remain close in these are at these particular days and in other areas company remains open.
    these leave policies are decided by higher management after a lot of discussion and analysis and if you dont like it ,it wont be change over night.but if you have any good idea you can share it through HR and they may consider it .
    Thank you.

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    Re: Company not giving leave even on National holidays

    hello friends..

    @the company rules and conditions are vary from company to company

    @so may be your company do not have any holidays on national holidays

    @ask your management for providing the holidays on national holidays

    @every company should and must give the holiday on national holodays

    all the best

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