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    Company not allowing us to bring our own lunch

    I am working in an automobile company. There is a very weird rule in our company that the employees are not allowed to bring their own lunch and are only permitted to eat from the office canteen. But I think this to be an extra burden financially and also eating daily from the canteen can also lead to stomach problems. How to deal with such rules which are not justified?

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    aaki Array
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    Re: Company not allowing us to bring our own lunch

    Hello ,
    Such rules should never be imposed in a professional environment . You should get a group who also are facing the same
    problem and can give a written complaint to the management that this is the RULE which the employee is not in favour of .

    Show them that generally people are preferring getting their lunch from homes so that they can avoid eating
    at the office canteen everyday .

    --> Explain how the canteen food is like eating junk food everyday and it also costing a lot .
    --> You can also talk about introducing healthy food items on the menu for lunch where a proper meal can be
    served to the employee in the office .

    Its a very bizzare rule and i hope you are able to up change it ..
    thank you !

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    Re: Company not allowing us to bring our own lunch

    Hi aspirant

    This is certainly wrong on the part of your company to form such strict rules without even consulting their employees who have to bear the burden of following them. You should definitely not face such problems with a quiet face and should try to raise your voice against such injustice. You should definitely go and talk to your manager regarding this problem if you think it to be a financial burden.

    Also you should take with you some other employees who agree with you. Tell your manager that you request him to amend the rule of not bringing our own lunch to our workplace.Eating the food daily from the company canteen may not be everyone's cup of tea and this can lead to stomach problems in many employees. Also we have to spend some money daily on eating from canteen which acts as extra financial burden. Thus keeping all these problems in mind, you request the management to change their stance.

    I hope your manager will agree with you. Good luck

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    Re: Company not allowing us to bring our own lunch

    Hi aspirant

    1) You should try to follow the rules of your company.
    2) I don't think eating your lunch from your canteen will cost you much as the rates would be nominal.
    3) But of course if it is affecting your health you should talk this out with your manager.
    4) You should request him to allow you to bring your lunch from home as your health is being affected.
    5) I am sure that he will allow you as he also knows that you should take xare of your health.

    So friend don't worry and try to adjust. Good luck

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    Re: Company not allowing us to bring our own lunch

    Hello Friend,
    Yeah this is bit stringent policy from company perspective,usually the food is not allowed in working floor to maintain hygienic environment and will keep rodents away.but you are allowed to eat in canteen .however in your company the policy is quite strict and you should complain about this ,you should write a mail to HR department and Facility management group who takes care of canteen related deals that the food which you get is not upto the standard and there is no variation.you are getting sick by eating it.you will need support from your other team mates and managers from other projects .need to keep all of them in cc and forward the mail.ask the HR to allow all to bring there lunch box definitely caution will be taken not to take the food to working floor.
    Thank You

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    Re: Company not allowing us to bring our own lunch

    This is really undemocratic policy of your company,i think all your employees should directly go to management and negotiate this matter with management... Tell them problems your facing financially and also matter regarding health... You should strongly protest this matter and also if they are not allowing food of your own tell them to arrange any space outside your office where you can sit and eat your lunch box.. At least good sheltered room to eat.. These are very small issues and i hope your management agrees for it..

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    varshu Array
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    Re: Company not allowing us to bring our own lunch

    hello friends..

    @that may be your company rules and conditions

    @they will provides all things to on your salary only

    @they will cut mess bill also

    @if you take the lunch from you home they cut the mess bill and remaining salary will give to you

    @talk to your management and try to convence them

    @tell me the reasons like company food may not good for my health

    @they will accept this issue
    all the ebst

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    lamborgini Array
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    Re: Company not allowing us to bring our own lunch


    This is wrong rule imposed by your company, as the canteen food may affect employees health.

    you should talk to your management about this.

    If the employees will not stay fit and healthy and fall sick then it will affect the company's working.

    If the company is insisting on eating their canteen food , then healthy food should be arranged for the employees.

    The junk food is costly along with ill effects on health system of the body.

    Surely, they will take decision on your part.

    Give hem proper reasons that everyday junk food is causing stomach problems.

    Also make another idea to bring alternate days lunch boxes.

    Good luck

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