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    Company named YL e-services is offering fraud jobs

    The Company named YL e-Services is offering fraud jobs and taking interview calls. While one come to join they are behaving like they are the jailer and others are prisoners. There is no professionalism no talent inside. Just avoid the company to go for interview and for work as well.

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    Re: Company named YL e-services is offering fraud jobs


    This is a forum where you can ask your doubts and take advice from the people on that. its good that you are warning others to stay away from a fake company but this is not the right place to do such things. I advice you to show this at different site which takes complaint from the people. Anyways thanks that you are so careful for others. Keep the good work going.

    post it to some other site too


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    Re: Company named YL e-services is offering fraud jobs

    Hi aspirant

    Ya such fraud companies do exist and they just do this to make lots of money..This is certainly wrong on their side and such people should be punished by law so that others dont dare to do such low things as opening fraud companies and cheating other people..

    I am happy that you are concerned about other's welfare also and are thus telling them to stay away from such frauds..Its really good on your part and this shows your moral values..You should also try to stop such things by informing the police about such fraud companies so they get the deserving punishment and dont repeat such a thing in future..Also many others will take a lesson from it if one such fraud firm is punished and it will be good for our country as well as its citizens..

    You are a good citizen of this country and i hope more amd more people follow you so that our country could become a better place..Good luck

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