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    Company has sent me a charge sheet when I claim for F&F settlement

    I work as a senior manager in L & T Company. I was transferred to irrelevant department by management as vindictive. I submitted my resignation and 300 days pending in my leave. I told them to adjust 30 days to my notice period. I donít have any claims pending and everything is cleared. After 8 months I applied for F&F settlement. Now they have sent me a charge sheet asking reason for taking long leave. If my resignation was not accepted then same should be informed within 48 hours. Why they have sent the charge sheet now? What should I do in this case? Can I file a case against the company on this charge sheet basis?

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    Re: Company has sent me a charge sheet when I claim for F&F settlement


    From your letter It seems to be clear case of a professional cheating. Now my suggestion is that without loosing your patience and temper you can do the following:
    1. have a professional talk to the concerned persons and notify the problems to the management clearly.
    2. See to their response whether positive or negative.
    3. Try to talk to your ex-collegues regarding the matter and try to go to the root of the problem if possible.
    4. If nothing happens, You have two choices - either leave the matter and start a new beginning as there are companies who sees performance. secondly you can file a case against the company taking sufficient proofs of this cheat by consulting a good lawyer.

    All the best.

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