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    Company going back on redundancy agreement

    I have been working as a lathe machine worker in a company for about 10 years. About a month back the company informed me that they no longer need my services and a redundancy agreement was decided on. Now after a month the company management tells me that the cannot pay me so much and I can continue on a lower position if I donít want what they are offering. What should I do?

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    Re: Company going back on redundancy agreement

    Dear friend,as you are working in a software company for about 10years long and now your company offered you a low salary job with now pormotion on it. Dear, i think you have to apply for the another job as you have the experience of 10 years,another company will definitly take you with a good salary so don't worry and do your sincerely till you don't get recruited in an another company. Best Of Luck.

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