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    Company forcing me to learn French so as to be able to interact with foreign clients

    I work with a multinational company. Our company deals with French clients. My boss is forcing me to learn French on a regular basis so as to be able to interact with the clients. Should I do that? Also should I ask the company to pay the fee for my course?

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    Re: Company forcing me to learn French so as to be able to interact with foreign clients

    Re: Company forcing me to learn French so as to be able to interact with foreign clients
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    Yes my friend,you should go for it.
    Just think about it in this way that you are actually getting an opportunity to learn a new language.
    And this will help you in the future as well.
    Not only this,by learning French,you'll gain an upper hand over your co-employees!
    Learning French can prove very beneficial to you in the future.
    This will be counted as one of your positive points and abilities.
    You can even get an opportunity to work in a French company because the French companies always look for people who know how to speak in French.
    As far as the fee for the course is concerned,you should ask your management to pay the fees.
    I am sure that the company will finance this course for you!

    So go ahead and start learning French!


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    Re: Company forcing me to learn French so as to be able to interact with foreign clients

    Hi buddy

    You should certainly do as your company says as otherwise this will create indifferences between you and the management and then you will have to face the consequences. So learn french so that you can deal with your foreign clients and thus impress your boss in this manner. Also this will increase your reputation and you may even get a promotion due to this. Ofcourse you can ask your manager to pay your coaching fees as it would be certainly be an extra burden for you. I think your company will be more than glad to give your fees as they themselves want you to learn French.

    Ya so you should learn french upto the level required for you to interact with your clients and I am sure you will have no problem in doing that. Also you can ask your company sometime off from your daily schedule as otherwise it will become too hectic for you.

    So always maintain good relations with your boss and stay in his good books so that you have a successful and bright future. Good luck buddy

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    Re: Company forcing me to learn French so as to be able to interact with foreign clients


    * You can learn french as a regular basis.
    * See if your earnings and promotion will increased then only learn french.
    * Company may not provide you money for any such course.
    * Just because you are learning for your own benefit.
    * And secondly as this is not a government company so they may not bear such expense.


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    Re: Company forcing me to learn French so as to be able to interact with foreign clients

    In this case if your Boss is asking you to learn the French language so that you are able to interact with the clients who speak French, than you need to ask your Boss that the company should be providing the required training to you.
    The company needs this extra skill that they will utilise, so its the job of the company to provide you with the training.
    MNC companies are known to have a training team and they do train employees on vairious skills sets as required by the job.

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    Re: Company forcing me to learn French so as to be able to interact with foreign clients

    well you should go for it french is a very good and demanding language. you will be able to interact with foreign clients aren't you excited for this. every one is leanint it, its a tough competition there so go for it. knowledge is never harmful


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    Re: Company forcing me to learn French so as to be able to interact with foreign clients

    Hi friends,
    Hope you are in good health and good state of mind!
    It's always a treat and fun to answer your queries.
    I also appreciate the confidence that you have shown in us!

    1)yes,you can learn that may be helpful to you
    2)that may increase your promotion
    3)that may be increase your salary hike
    4)so you can learn french language for communicate with clients

    all the best

    I hope I have answered all your doubts.
    It was a pleasure answering your queries.
    Hope that you'll come up with some more challenging queries!
    Till then,take care.

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    Re: Company forcing me to learn French so as to be able to interact with foreign clients

    Hi friend always be optimistic and always make your life challenging be unique among employees in the company.. The problem with you is that you are not willing to learn new things so as you come up in your life.. Few few get the chance of learning things that are associated with the work you do .. I mean you learn and the knowledge you get is induced in your work immediately thereby you give your knowledge wings to achieve success to you.. You work in mnc company and you should definitely match to its standards mnc is a multi national company which operates in many countries like us and many more where english has predominance but the fact is few people know french that is really makes a person who knows it france is 5th leading country in the world in terms of innovation technology and infrastructure development as well.. Your boss is making you learn french that will enable you to communicate with clients of france which is very pleasing and your dominance in the company will improve to an extent.. Learning french is learning the art to succeed in science and it industry.. When you leave a company with your experience and with dealing with french clients in any mnc company will make in demand in the mnc company of any standard if you donít feel that your underpaid in any mnc company if you learn french your importance will be the issue you can lobby for higher pay company will not want to loose any employee who is an expert in french language in any aspect..

    Importance of french language:
    French is the leading language and itís the official languages in many european countries and world organisations like uno nato unesco.. French is a great leading language that has given a meaning to trade values and monopoly trade organisations ..its widely spoken in almost 33 countries for trade and business development making french as your business skill will be added advantage it makes your unique in business interactions with french people as far as france trade or any project linked with your company it takes a lot to mention the need to learn french and to tell its importance in the world .. Building trust in french client will be dependent on you and company will be solely dependent on how well you interact with them if your are able to communicate well automatically they would be no problem with you in business development and product you design will be according to french clients requirement as well.. Make success in learning french and create the void space in the company if you are worrying with pay your getting thatís not enough donít worry about how much your paid itís the skill and the work of your will make you unique , you can empower yourself , you will be requirement in almost all mnc companies if they havenít started any business dealings within european countries will your experience and command in french language.. Itís a world of opportunity grab it update yourself with something special in yourself..

    French economy is one of the strongest in the world and its becoming the leader in technical innovation across the global market..
    The areas where french is used :
    1. Information technology through outsourcing of may international projects and innovation software development across the globe with leading clients .
    2. International banking system and business development.
    3. International agencies for product development and tourism do play a vital role in designing the route map for tourism development in france you cannot ignore the tourism it plays a part in developing projects for amy companies in terms of navigational development business idea development..
    4. Learning french will make your career improve you can enter international markets and interpersonal skills can be improvised in you and will have career in international companies as well mind it decision is yours be optimistic in approach and sometimes you cannot ignore things to learn even you spend from your pocket today you might be spending some money on it but you will enjoy the taste of your fruit later on in your life and career all the best hope after knowing the importance you will learn french language without any hesitation Ö.

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    Re: Company forcing me to learn French so as to be able to interact with foreign clients

    You need to definitely carry out while your organization claims while usually this may create indifferences between you and the management after which it you will have to confront a consequences. Consequently master french to help you manage your current dangerous buyers and therefore wow your coworkers with this manner. In addition this particular boosts your current standing as well as you may even get an offer caused by this. Of course you possibly can request your current manager to cover your current education costs while it becomes definitely end up being extra weight for you. I do think your organization are often more in comparison with glad to provide your current costs while they themselves would like you to learn French.

    You and that means you should learn french up to the particular level expected that you can connect with customers as well as Home theater system . may have zero symptom in undertaking that. You can even request your organization a while faraway from your everyday agenda while usually it will become as well active for you.
    be optimistic and constantly help to make your life demanding end up being special between staff within the company. The problem with anyone is actually that you're not happy to learn new things so as anyone come up with your life.. Handful of several have a chance with finding out items that will be belonging to the work you decide to do.After all anyone master as well as understanding you obtain is actually brought on with your work promptly thereby you provide your understanding wings to become successful to you.
    You work throughout mnc business and you'll definitely complement to the benchmarks mnc is a multiple nation's business which usually are operating in numerous places including all of us and many other where language features predominance although to tell the truth few individuals find out french of which really is helps make a person who knows it england is actually 5th foremost land in the world with regard to technology know-how as well as facilities growth while well.. Your supervisor is actually making you master french that can let you contact buyers with england that's extremely pleasing and your popularity within the business may strengthen to a extent.
    Finding out french is actually finding out a fine art to succeed in scientific disciplines and it industry.When you depart a firm along with your encounter along with handling french buyers in a different mnc business could make in demand within the mnc business of any conventional unless you feel that the underpaid in a different mnc business if you learn french your current relevance could be the matter you possibly can vestibule for bigger shell out business may not require to loose almost any member of staff that is an expert throughout french language in a different aspect.

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    Re: Company forcing me to learn French so as to be able to interact with foreign clients

    • Learning anything is never a bad, if company is asking to learn french language then you must go ahead to learn it.
    • It's not only good from the company point of view but for you also it is beneficial.
    • If you deal with the french clients in their own language, it improvise the reputation of your's in company.
    • Due to which, it may be lead to the increase in salary and also the promotion in your position.
    • Generally the company reimburse the fees of learning french language, you need to confirm the same from HR.

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