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    Company fooling the employees in the name of salary hike

    I am working in a pharmaceutical company. At the year end our company takes a lot of extra work from its employees and always tells us that the best performers will be given a salary hike. But after the year is over, no one gets anything. Our company is just fooling its employees in the name of salary hike. What should be done to teach them a lesson?

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    Re: Company fooling the employees in the name of salary hike

    Dear you do not need to teach them any lesson because you are the employee of that company which gave you the job to survive in the world and when your boss promised everyone for salary hike on performing well then you all should go to the management department and also go to the manager and directly ask them about the complete working and performance of every single candidate which has been done in last year and if they tell you that some of you have performed well during the last of the year then you should ask them for salary hike because he were promised you all that you will get hikes in the salary and if they say that you will get then tell them that new year has began and anyone of us did not get a single rupee as extra in our salary then how long we will have to wait for ? and if it would be continue then no one would be interested in work but do not bring any type of negative thoughts in your mind

    All the best

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    Re: Company fooling the employees in the name of salary hike

    well this is not the right way to ask the employees for he extra work.
    you should not follow the work and orders now at the end of the month.
    promising fake hikes is not good for company's future.
    even you should talk to them bluntly about this extra work and fake hikes
    ask them the reason for doing such nonsense
    tell them if they continued this thing then no one is going to work

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    Re: Company fooling the employees in the name of salary hike

    Hi friend,

    You cannot teach a company a lesson.

    You are an employee working in that company who is getting paid for it.

    So do not think of teaching them a lesson or so.

    You must talk to the manager of your company.

    Tell them that they are doing wrong by not following their words.

    The employees will loose their interest in working.

    Next time they will not put the same efforts in their work.

    They will loose trust from the company on what it says.

    So when they will say they will salary hike when they work hard.

    then they will not have trust and will not work hard.

    These decreases the efficiency of the employees.

    They will loose interest in their work.

    such false promises should not be made by the company.

    And as such they should provide some salary hike to the employees according to their work.

    This can encourage them.

    While in other situation they will are discouraged.

    And the company will suffer losses if the employees do not work efficiently.

    So they should build the trust of employees rather than breaking it.

    All the best

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