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    The company driver drinks and drives

    I am working in an MNC. Our employer has provided each employee with a personal driver for office work. My driver has the habit of drinking at night and thus I feel very unsafe when he is driving after drinking. This can certainly lead to a mishap if he is not careful. If I tell him that I will drive the car myself , he never listens. What to do in such a case?

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    Vinod Singh Bisht Array
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    Re: The company driver drinks and drives

    Dear Freind,
    Tell him not to drink when he has to drive. Still he does not listen. Then tell him that you will complain about him to HR and he might be loose his job. Still he does not listen then complain to HR. You will save your life as well as his. Its better to loose job than life. All the best.

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    Re: The company driver drinks and drives

    This is a serious issue which requires quick solution.Otherwise this might lead to various adverse effects on you as well as on him.As accidents are increasing day by day so it is a concerning problem.You must take immediate measures to get rid of this problem.

    -First try to solve at your personal level.
    -Talk to the driver when he is not in drunk condition.
    -Explain him the problems that may arise because of his driving when drunk.
    -Give a warning and tell him not to drink before leaving you at home after office work.
    -If he improves it is good,or you have to take strict steps.
    -Complaint to the higher authority regarding this issue.
    -Explain the problem you are facing and how it can ruin your life.
    -Request for immediate positive response on this matter.

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    Re: The company driver drinks and drives


    You should not waste any time and report to his higer authorities regarding his behaviour.
    Any day accident can happen so you should take precaution in advance. First talk to the man
    and request him not to drink while driving but if he does not listen to you then you have to choice
    but to take necessary actions.


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    Re: The company driver drinks and drives

    Dear questioner I have seen your statement you have told here you are an employee of software company where you have been provided a car for the official purpose.Your problem the drive who drive's your company car is a drunker so while he is in drive you feel insecure because at the time of driving he was in drunken condition as a result at anytime a mishap can happen.You have have told him not to drive in drunken condition and tried to drive yourself but he delied.Under this condition you should do.

    1.First time you ask him to stop bad habit while in driving.

    2.Second time give him threatening not to drive.

    3.Third time you deny to keep him as driver and complain to higher authority.

    Thank you,

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    Re: The company driver drinks and drives

    Hi aspirant

    You certainly should not take any risk in the matter of your safety and thus immediately find a solution to this problem. You should first talk to your driver and try to peacefully settle this matter with him. He should also be aware of the harmful effects of drinking and you are the one who should make him aware of it.Talk to him when he is not drunk and is in the right frame of mind. Tell him that he has the habit of drinking at night which is not good for him as well as for you. He should know that under the influence of alcohol , a person is prone to commmit mistakes and thus any accident can occur which would be harmful for both of you . So its better that he doesn't drink before driving in order to drive safely. You hope that he will understand your point and thus will not repeat such a behaviour again.

    Now you wait and watch. If he does as you have told him, then your problem is solved but if he still has his own way, then you should immediately report it top your manager and he will definitely take care of this matter and will definitely help you out. Also you can warn your driver beforehand and maybe from the fear of being removed from his job, he won't do it again.

    Good luck friend

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