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    Company doesn’t allow offs during national strikes

    There are sometimes urgent national offs in INDIA like BHARAT BANDH etc.But in my career of 4 years I have never seen my employer taking these kind of national offs seriously for employee’s safety. What shall be done so that the employees are safe?

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    Re: Company doesn’t allow offs during national strikes

    Hi aspirant

    Your employer should be more sympathetic towards his employees and should care more for their safety instead of thinking about hsi own personal gains and thus being selfish. Whenever their are urgent national offs like Bharat Bandh, your employer should declare a holiday on those days as per the rules of the government. He should think about the employee's safety and also that they might get into trouble. If he cant think about this, then he is certainly inhuman and has no right to be the boss.

    So all you employees should gather and go together to your employer's cabin and speak to him on length regarding this important issue. Tell him that he should declare a holiday on the days of national offs for the safety of his employees. As the boss it is his moral responsibility to think about the welfare and safety of his employees and thus solve their problems. So they hope and request that the next time there is a national emergency, he should call the day off.

    I hope your boss realises his mistake and thus your problem will be solved. I hope you remain safe always. All the best and Thanks

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