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    Company cutting our work hours to save money

    Our textile design company management says that they are facing a financial crunch (though we donít know if they are saying true or not). Instead of making us redundant they are cutting our work hours. But we feel that it is just a way to pay us less and for them to earn more. What should we do? Can we ask them to reveal their finances?

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    Re: Company cutting our work hours to save money

    Hi friend

    In today's times you certainly you can't trust anyone as everyone now-a-days is working for their own selfish gains and treat others as if they dont exist. So you cant take anyone's word for granted. Your copmpany may or may not be telling the truth and thus making fools out of its employees so that they can earn more profits. So you should certainly question your management regarding this matter and dont just keep on being fooled by them.

    They have no right to cut your working hours and thus make more profits by paying you less unless they are really in a financial crunch. You along with some other employees should try to investigate this case or employ a private detective for the same. Then you should gather evidence against your company if they are lying to you and thus teach them a lesson. But if they are telling the truth then you can't do much about it as then they dont have enough resources to pay you fully.

    Or another option is that you can directly question your management regarding the same. Tell them that you have some hunch regarding this financial matter of their company and thus want to see the record of the finances. Ofcourse you will ned guts to do such a thing as you may even lose your job. But ofcourse you shouldn't be afraid and do whatever you can to bring more light on this matter. In any case you would have to find another good job to secure your future.

    Good luck friend. Thanks

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