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    Colleagues taking undue advantage of my friendship

    I am working in a big MNC . Actually I love to make friends and always get pleasure in helping my friends. But some of my colleagues are taking undue advantage of my nature. They are asking me to do their work also while they go out and have fun. But I donít think this is right as it will have a bad effect on their future. What should I do in this situation?

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    Re: Colleagues taking undue advantage of my friendship

    "A friend in need is a friend indeed", thats very true but my dear friend you are facing a common problem that many of us face in corporate world. I would suggest you to talk to your friends one by one and tell them the pros and cons of doing their work on their behalf, without offending them. Try to explain them the difference between helping them and working on their behalf in as friendly manner as you can and avoid or ignore doing their work unless it is extremely important/urgent. I'm sure your friendly nature will give this task an uplift. ALL THE BEST.

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    Re: Colleagues taking undue advantage of my friendship

    Hi friend

    I think you should do whatever is good for the future of your friends and should not spoil their future just because you want to please them. So you should certainly not let them take undue advantage of your being a good friend and also keep them under control by imposing certain restrictions on them. It doesn't matter if you will hurt them a little by doing so but atleast this will be good for their future as they will learn how to do their own work and thus will not be dependent on anyone in their future.

    So in order to safeguard their future , you should talk to them directly and tell them what they are doing is not good for their future. They should certainly have fun but not at the cost of their work. They should try to be responsible enough to do their work by themselves and thus not be dependent on their freinds for completion of their work. You are telling this for the betterment of their future and thus have no selfish motive in this. As they are your friends , you are telling them for their benefit as you dont want to spoil their future.

    I hope your friends understand you and thus this will be good for their future. You should certainly take this step and thus guide your friends in the right direction. This will help them and also they will look upto you as their role model and will respect you more. Good luck friend and God Bless

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    Re: Colleagues taking undue advantage of my friendship

    It is good to be helpful but being too much helpful is harmful not only for the person who is helping but also for the ones who is seeking the help.It is not at all right that you have to do the jobs of your friends and they go out and enjoy.As you like to make friends so if everyone starts giving their work to you ,it will be very problematic for you.You should take certain steps to stop this situation as this can cause great problems in the future not only for you but also for them.

    -You should discuss this matter frankly with your friends.
    -Explain them the negative effects of this on you.
    -Make them understand the harmful effects of this in their future.
    -Explain them that in urgent situation you can do their work but on daily basis it creates problems for you.
    -You should be polite while speaking so that it does not hurt the feelings of your friends and spoils your friendship.

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    Re: Colleagues taking undue advantage of my friendship


    This is unfair.

    You must not do there work while they go out and have fun.

    They are actually not your friends.

    They are just taking advantage of your goodness towards them.

    so, you must clearly refuse to do there work.

    Tell them to do it themselves and you will not do their work.

    It is good to make friends.

    But make good and real friends and the people who cheat you.

    Good luck

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    Re: Colleagues taking undue advantage of my friendship

    if you re in this kind of situation, then it is necessary for you to cut down your contacts and stop being so friendly with the mean people. The world is full of mean and nasty people and you should always keep yourself away from them. You should always be choosy in making your friends as they can be the best or the worst people in your life, it all depends on your decision.
    Therefore you need to cut down your contacts with those people and then you need to restrict yourself within the company of the good people.
    Gud luck

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