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    Colleague is trying to create differences amongst the team members very shrewdly

    I have been working with a private organization. My team is a well knit one except one of the members. She joined recently and was not welcome by the team which she did not like. I have just discovered that she is very shrewdly using her resources to create differences between the members. How do I inform this to the members and prevent her from doing this?

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    Re: Colleague is trying to create differences amongst the team members very shrewdly

    If you are a member in the team and understanding the situation then you should let everyone know about this because she did not like anything in the team does not matter but making differences in the team is not good for any particular project and profit of the company and if differences comes a lot in the team then no one will be dedicated to the work and they will only think about the personal responsibilities in that project and helpfulness will not be seen in your team that will create internal war in entire team and that may be a big loss in the profession

    If you have good relations with the leader of your team and project then you should let them know first about this because only they can handle this situation and if you try to make anyone understand in your team then someone will take it positive but someone will say that he is thinking he is better than us and trying to show us the difference that is why you should not waste your time in making to understand members of the team and go to the leader who will guide everyone

    Inform them about the internal status of the team that she is trying to disturb atmosphere and unity of the team and that is going to be something wrong for the company and you should have a argument with your leader that sir you call each member of the team at different time and ask them strictly that what is the suggestions given by that newcomer in the team then you will find out differences in the thoughts so clearly you can decide and then help your leader to make her understand the position and surely your leader will instruct that newcomer to not involve in personal activities and do not need to suggest anyone for better things and follow me and concentrate on your work more than making differences in the team

    If there are some colleagues who are good in relations with you then you should make them understand and inform about the situation that do not trust in her because she is trying to spoil the unity of the team so at least your near colleagues will get the situation and inform the same thing again to others and you will not face the problem and unity will be continue in the team

    All the best

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