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    Colleague completes his work at the 11th hour and is motivating the freshers also to do the same

    I have been working with a private organization. My colleague has the habit of completing the work at the 11th hour. As of now he is successful but he is soon going to face trouble. He is trying to motivate the freshers also in the same manner. How should refrain the freshers to come under his influence?

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    Re: Colleague completes his work at the 11th hour and is motivating the freshers also to do the same


    Frankly speaking, now a days nobody is foolish enough to be unaware of his/her own benefits. Specially the young generation people are very professional. Even if they are influenced by this man for at least once, they are going to be careful from the very next time. Still if you want to make them conscious, just on a light note ask them to be particular with their work ,instead of leaving it for the 11th hour. The young people are smart enough to understand the implied implication of your statement, and I believe they will work accordingly. If they don't, then they will be in deep trouble. If they don't take your words seriously, then let them to be in trouble, God has not sent you to save them from danger!

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    Re: Colleague completes his work at the 11th hour and is motivating the freshers also to do the same

    Hi Dear,

    It is good that you are concerned for your colleague and for the organisation too. However, as people do not like much of interference in their work, so if you try checking this procrastinating nature of your friend cum colleague, he might back answer you. So, I would suggest you to concentrate on your work and complete your work on time. As far as the colleague of yours is concerned, he will definitely be caught in a cobweb of troubles very soon as in a professional environment, it's just your work which can either take you up the ladder of success or can nosedive you.

    But if you still feel like doing something then look for suitable opportunity and convey this message to tour reporting manager who has the right to check his team members. My dear friend, this is a crucial time for you too, so maintain your focus on your work and try excelling others in your team.


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    Re: Colleague completes his work at the 11th hour and is motivating the freshers also to do the same

    Dear if your colleague is trying to motivate freshers to follow him to work at the last possible moment that is left to work or can be called the deadline of something that is given to all freshers then he is absolutely doing the wrong in office and this will not motivate freshers because there is no base of this thing that a professional should complete his work at the last of the moment even a good employee should motivate all the freshers to start work on time and finish before the 11th hour so that will create sensitiveness and creativity among all the freshers in the company and if someone suggest this way then no one can stop the company to getting a big loss by the hands of freshers because freshers has not enough knowledge about the business and if they will follow that person who is the senior so they will get the loss in the job too because may be that the deadline of any project is on the line and freshers started work at that moment so if any fresher gets mazed in any critical task of the project then who will help them at that time when everyone will be there and no task is easy to be completed at the deadline so this will create a big loss for the company and all freshers may loose their job so you should stop this in the company

    If your colleague is doing something then do not try to discuss about this from any fresher and just go to the office of your boss and mention the entire story that what is happening in the office premises where your company and job status of the freshers is on the line so your boss will understand the moment and call that colleague and request your boss that do not mention your name otherwise you may loose your image in front of him and obviously this will not happen then your boss will motivate and given all new guidelines to the freshers that they care for the work from the starting moment and do not believe in others who are not good at work and you will see that freshers will follow your boss

    All the best

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