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    Co-workers sharing too many family problems with me

    I helped one of my Co workers through a family crises and now suddenly I have become the agony aunt of the office. Everybody wants to come an talk to me about their problems and they expect me to find a solution. They interfere with my work and I am not able to concentrate. Is there a easy way to make things go back to normal?

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    Re: Co-workers sharing too many family problems with me

    Hi friend ..Ya it will be certainly be frustrating for you when everytime someone or the other is asking help from you..At the same time its also overwhelming and flattering for you that you are so much in demand..But certainly as now the limit has been crossed and this is affecting your work, so certainly this is not a good sign for you and rather has become a big problem..You certainly should make it clear to your employees that you dont want them to disturb you during your working hours and that they are always welcome for help during your freetime i.e. during the lunch break or after your office hours are over..

    And your colleaugues and others should be sensible enough to understand that they should let you concentrate on your work and not distract you..They should have atleast this much sense being such grown-up individuals..What you do is talk to them politely ( gather them all at one place and talk to them)..Tell them that you are not being able to give your 100% to your work and thus dont want to be disturbed during worktime..

    I am sure they will understand your problem and will not come to you for help during office hours..But of course everything cant come to normal i guess and they will surely ask for help whenever possible..You have to handle that yourself..Helping others is a good deed friend and you should be proud of yourself..So dont completely avoid them..

    Good luck and Thanks

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