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    Clearing Group Discussion Round of ICICI Bank PO ?

    How to clear Group Discussion Round in ICICI Bank PO ?

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    Re: Clearing Group Discussion Round of ICICI Bank PO ?

    What is a Group Discussion?

    Group Discussion is one of the selections Process. It is used by the human resource department to check the efficiency of candidates who comes forward for the post offered by the companies. Mainly the selection process begins in a written text and ends with the group discussion. It is made to test the skills of the candidates who come for the job and to see that if he is fit for the job. It is a test of how you perform as a term in a company. The main skill what you have to have is lead the team and to leason what other members say. How the candidates speaks and take part in the discussion is also assessed. It is very important that how the candidate interacts with other members. Leader always works in a group and they extract best result from that group. Usually the group discussion begins after the written test and it helps the company to know how the candidate communicates with other members of the group.

    What to DO in a Group Discussion

    1. You should say the original points in the group discussion.

    2. Always try to quote some examples and statistics doing the group discussions.

    3. You should always use simple, natural, short and easy words to communicate with each other.

    4. You should participate in the group discussions in confidence and you should be very bold and you should have show boldness and confidence in your body language.

    5. While participating in the group discussion you should have an eye coordination with all the other members of the group in entire discussions.

    6. If the discussion is deviating from the topic you should remind about the same to the other members and you should try to bring them back in the right track

    7. You should be open minded with the topic and you should try to invoke new ideas.

    8. You should carefully lesson to the topic and you should be a good lessoner. Lesson to other members is an important thing in a group discussion.

    9. You should always give other member to speak and when they speak donít over spoke by disturbing them.

    10. You should agree what the member say if it is right and disagree politely if you donít agree with the points made by the other members.

    What NOT TO DO in a Group Discussions

    1. Your thoughts should not be radical.

    2. Your expression should not be gender oriented, biased, racist or cast oriented.

    3. You should not direct questions to the other members of the group.

    4. Donít directly oppose the other persons views and you should try to respect other person views.

    5. You should not try to block other members when they speak and donít block other members views.

    6. You should not try to finger point other members of the group.

    7. You should not shout or argue to other members and you should be very polite to other members.

    8. Donít try to hit the dusk to intercept other members when they speak.

    9. Donít talk about irrelevant thing and deviate from the topic.

    10. You should not try to dominate the other member by asking them to speak when they donít want to.

    For you follow the above guidelines you can surely clear the group discussion part in the ICICI Probationary Officers post.

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    Re: Clearing Group Discussion Round of ICICI Bank PO ?

    hi friend,

    group discussion is one of the important round and most of the people get eliminated in this round.

    the panel not only looks at the content of your discussion but awards marks for communication skills,thought process etc.........

    some topics for bank exams in group discussion are

    foreign direct investment in retail

    influence of social media

    dependence on monsoons

    female infanticides

    renewable energy sources

    linking of indian rivers

    all the best
    regards srilekha

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