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    Changing of work for a postman who is not physically fit

    I am a postman working for central government. I worked in a village. I got an accident on duty. After that my one hand & leg got injured. I canít do that hard physical work like before. I want to continue my job. Can I get some other work in this department? Management is forcing me to get retirement.

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    Re: Changing of work for a postman who is not physically fit

    Hi..I think your management is certainly doing you injustice..They should certainly give you some other work or atleast compensate you for the same..

    AS you cant do any physical work which is hard i think its better if your management compensate you for the same..But i think you can get some work depending upon your qualifications..You can try to do some paperwork in relation to the letters or postcards or if you know how to operate computers (If you dont know then you can certainly learn that) you can get some decent job..

    Dont lose hope..Try something or the other and you will certainly get some work..Believe in god ..

    Also apply for compensation from the government..Good luck

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    Re: Changing of work for a postman who is not physically fit

    hello siryou are in very trouble but you can change your working policy.first of all you should put your personal problems against the higher authorities.if related commitee does not react positively then you should go for labour court to get legally solutions for your physical problem.as changing position maybe VPM for you that will be fit for you.thanks

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    Re: Changing of work for a postman who is not physically fit

    Hello Friend....

    Its seriously a bad news that you are not physically fit due to accident.. You may get job in another post on your department..
    For this you have to complain to your higher authority mentioning your physical problem, you should attached your current health certificate
    along with the application....

    Thanking You....!!!!!

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    Re: Changing of work for a postman who is not physically fit

    The work of a postman is to give post letters, post card, money order etc to the people. Hence it need lot of hard work for the same. For this you have to travel by walking . But your situation is that due to the accident you got injured your hand and legs. Hence you cannot walk now and hence you will not be able to do the work of the post man.

    But you can do some other work in the post office which can be done by sitting in the post office. Hence your boss or the government cannot compel you to retire. They should give you some work which can be done by sitting in the post office. The government cannot compel you to retire without your permission.

    You have two options. You can retirement from the job and ask the government to get the compensation for the injury and you are also liable for pension.

    The other option is that you demand the government that you need not want retirement and you what a job which can be done in the post office without the physical work. You have the right to ask for the same. If the government is not allowing you to work and if they are compelling to retire you have to approach the high court. In a latest judgment of the honourable supreme court it was held that if an employee could not do the work which he was doing, then he cannot be compile to retire, in place of his old work he has to be given a new work which he can do.

    There is no need of panic and I surely things that you will retire only on your superannuation.
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    Re: Changing of work for a postman who is not physically fit

    Everyone knows how much hardwork the postman do. If you met with an accident and get injured, then it's not possible to perform he postman job. However in post office there are various jobs which does need any travelling and can be done by sitting in the office. No management would compell any employee to take the voluntary retirement untill and unless it includes the consent of the employee. You should write an letter stating that you doesn't want to take retirement and asking them to provide other job as per your qualification and physical health. They are bound to do so. However if they do not perform it, then you should go in the court to get back your right and all the things you deserve.

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