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    CBI Contractual Stenographers are poorly paid

    Sir, I have got a contractual job of Stenographer in CBI, Kolkata from 20th Feb, 2012 along with others for Special Courts in Kolkata. Along with Stenographer, CBI also recruited APP, PP etc. on contractual basis. Although I am happy working with CBI, but I feel and hope that all my other colleagues will acknowledge my view that the salary offered to us i.e. Rs.15,000/- p.m. is very much on the lower side compared to the present market and also the salary of regular staff of CBI for the same post. Moreover, we are not getting any other single benefit whatsoever. There will also be no increment and as long as we work, the salary is fixed at Rs.15,000/-. Even the leave is less than other regular candidates. In view of this, I wonder if a higher salary, say Rs.25,000/- or so can be considered for Contractual Stenographers in CBI. As is known to all that for contractual jobs, usually the retired or aged people with vast experience apply and accept the job. Hence, the organization gets the most experienced and efficient hands. Therefore, the salary may kindly be considered as advised above for which we all be benefited a lot. It may also not be out of place to mention here that in other contractual govt. jobs, the salary so fixed and calculated on the basis the last drawn salary minus the pension which works out to more than Rs.20,000/- presently. Therefore, our salary in CBI may kindly be considered to be hiked to Rs.25,000/-.
    Thanks - Shyamal Kumar Dey, House No. 8/629, Old Kapasdanga, Post & Dist : Hooghly, Pin Code : 712103. M : 9681827460

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    Re: CBI Contractual Stenographers are poorly paid

    hi aspiranttodays world is dynamic world and every field of bussiness,job/competition everything is changing so every department want to serve a job on temporary/contract basis because a contract basis aspirant has no option to hike his/her selary due to huge competitionso dear you should concentrate on job neither increasing selaryall the best

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    Re: CBI Contractual Stenographers are poorly paid

    It is very surprising that a stenographer like you is getting Rs.15,000 as salary is not satisfied with it and you demanding

    Rs.25,000/-. As far as contractual staff are concerned they have no right to ask for the increase of the salary. Most of the

    stenographer in india is getting only less than 7,000 and according to me you have to be satisfied and happy with your present

    salary. More over you have to work load compared to the other department or other company.

    As far as APP are concerned APP is not appointed as contract basis. Word such a contract cannot be used in APP appointment.

    They are appointed on a special case and they are known as special government pleader.
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    Re: CBI Contractual Stenographers are poorly paid

    Hi friend

    I think as you should better talk to your manager regarding the same and if you think that you deserve a salary hike because stenographers like you are getting higher salaries elsewhere then i think you certainly deserve it . So the best option for you should be to go and directly to your head who has appointed you on contract basis. You tell him that your salary should be fixed to a higher level as in other govt jobs the salary is higher .

    Normally there is no increase in salary for people working on contractual basis as is the rule. So i cannot be sure that your head will agree to it or not. But if you are confident that you should be paid more then you try to persuade your head citing examples of other companies. But be polite in your conversation or still beter first write a formal letter to him for the same and then wait for sometime. If he replies then its good for you but if he doesnt then you should go and talk directly to him in a polite manner.

    Dont worry. If you deserve it you will really get your due but in my opinion the general salary for stenographers is in this range only . But still good luck to you

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