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    Causal leave cancelled on grounds of previous sick leave

    I have been working in this school for more than 6 years. I had applied for casual leave but it got rejected on grounds of previous sick leave. The HR manager refuses to sign my leave sanctions as he said that I was on sick leave one month back. I had some medical emergency which I do not want to disclose before the management. How should I deal with this issue?

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    Re: Causal leave cancelled on grounds of previous sick leave

    Hi friend

    If you have your casual leaves pending for a particular time period and if you are eligible to avail these leaves, then your management has no right to reject your casual leave just because you were on sick leave 1 month back. I can understand your situation and also the fact that you don't want to reveal about the previous medical emergency to the management. I respect your stance but you certainly have to find another way out of this situation. Firstly your management should behave in a more responsible and mature way and should reject your leave only on genuine grounds and not just because you have taken some leave earlier. If they have provided their employees with this facility then they should give them the right to avail the same and thus not do such injustice with them.

    So first of all you check whether you still have some casual leaves pending and also check all the rules and regulations regarding the casual leave and the employees rights in this respect. Then if you are not violating any rule in this case you should straightaway go to your manager and speak to him personally. TEll him straightawaythat you have some leaves pending and now you want to avail a casual leave. You have the right to avail this leave as per the rules and rules of the company and thus the company should not reject your leave in this matter and sanction it as early as possible. If they don't you will be forced to complain against them .

    I am sure your management will look into this matter and will definitely sanction your leave. Otherwise its better that you tell them about your previous medical emergency and get your problem solved. They will surely not want to spoil their reputation and thus will definitely get your leave sanctioned. In this way your problem will also be solved and your manager will also learn a good lesson and thus never behave in this manner with any other employee.

    So friend just be brave and claim justice. I hope you will get your due. Good luck and Thanks

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    Re: Causal leave cancelled on grounds of previous sick leave

    Hello ,
    Yeah this thing is under HR whether he approve your leaves or not as others members will be there wanting leaves at the same time,so he have to make co-ordination among the members regarding leave at the same time not to make any hamper towards work by granting all leaves.
    in almost all organization you will find the issue ,they dont grant anybody leaves so sudden after one long period leave.
    so in this case y have to wait for some time.
    there is no mistake from your side and medical leaves are necessary to avail but you should understand the HR situation ,he may have to answer many people who have not take leaves over a long period and want leave at the same time you need .as you already have taken leave in last month so he has the right to reject your leave application.

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    Re: Causal leave cancelled on grounds of previous sick leave

    Hi aspirant

    I can understand your situation and why you applied for your casual leave instead of applying for the sick leave because you did not want to disclose the medical condition you have as it is very personal to you. This is certainly understandable and your reason for doing this is very genuine indeed. But your HR has no right to reject your leave just because you have taken a medical leave 1 month before. This is a very lame excuse for rejecting your leave and you should not deal with it. You should raise your voice against the same.

    Firstly check your school's rules and policies regarding casual leaves and sick leaves and for any relation between them. If there is no such lame policy as your HR is pointing out, then you tell him to his face that you want your leave and that it cannot be rejected on those grounds as he is telling as you have consulted the school's policies and there is no such rule in that. So he should sanction your leave otherwise you will take strict action against him.

    I am sure he will get afraid and will allow you to take the leave rather than doing such injustice to you. I hope you get your due and are not treated so unfairly. Good luck friend

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