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    Causal leave is cancelled on which ground?

    I have been working in this school for more than a decade. I had applied for casual leave but it got rejected on unknown grounds. The new HR manager refuses to sign any leave sanctions. I have a medical emergency which I do not want to disclose before the management. How should I deal with this issue?

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    Re: Causal leave is cancelled on which ground?

    Hi aspirant

    As you have been working in this school for over a decade, you should have no problems in getting your leaves sanctioned. But as your HR manager is new, maybe he will not consider your experience or other plus points and just do as he wants as is the case with most of such new bosses. But of course he has no right of rejecting your leave without any proper reason and should be more helpful towards his employees rather than being so arrogant and haughty. He should be made to learn to help and take care of the needs of his employees otherwise they will develop hatred for him.

    As you have also a medical ground for taking your leave but dont want to disclose it, I can understand you. But in case he doesnt agree with you on taking a casual leave, you may have to disclose the medical grounds as he surely cant reject your leave on that basis. Firstly you should try to persuade him to grant you a casual leave saying that you have been here for more than 10 years an dhave always been a good performer . You now need a leave urgently and thus want him to snction it. As an HR it is his duty to pay heed to the problems of his employees and thus solve them.

    I hope he understands you and sanctions your leave otherwise you have to disclose your medical grounds to take your leave for sure. Good luck and thank you

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