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    Can you climb the broadband money from company?

    I am working in a Software company and few days back I heard from one of my friend that we can climb the home broadband money from company? Is that true? Can you please tell me what procedure has to be followed for that? Where to apply?

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    Re: Can you climb the broadband money from company?

    Hi buddy

    Ya i think your friend is right and most of the software companies provide this provision of claiming the home broadband money from them. But i think in such cases they get the broadband installed by themselves and then pay you for its usage. You must go to your HR and get complete details regarding this matter- what is the procedure to follow in order to claim your home broadband money from your company.

    I think you have to remove your own connection and they will get a connection of their choice installed for you at your home. You may even have to write an application requesting for the same. Ask this from your HR. Then i think every month you have to show them your bill and they will pay your charges.

    I hope youn understand. Good luck

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