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    Can we mail resignation by keeping cc to all employees?

    The resignation of mine from my current company have a bitter story in it so I mailed my resignation to my boss and GM by keeping cc to all my co-employees for which my employer refused to give me my experience letter. They say that it is not right gesture. Canít we do such actions if we are suffering from such a case?

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    Re: Can we mail resignation by keeping cc to all employees?

    Hi aspirant

    You can certainly do as you like if you want to share your feelings with all your colleagues. But of course it is certainly not the right gesture if we see it from your boss's point of view. Your boss is also right in his own way but you too are not to be blamed as you have already suffered a lot. You should have mailed it separately to all the other employees and not along with your boss's and GM mail. That would have certainly prevented this from happening.

    But now what is done can't be undone. I completely understand your situation and thus sympathise with you. But now the best way to get out of this is to apologize to your boss and thus get your experience letter from him as without the experience letter you would not be entertained by any other company and thus will face a lot of difficulty in gettin a new job. I am sure you will understand my point.

    So friend tell your boss that you are sorry for what you did. You did it on an impulse and did not mean it. I am sure he will forgive you. Good luck and Thanks

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