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    Can I work in Chemical Tankers being B.tech Chemical Engineer?

    I am a chemical engineer with a hands on experience in hydrocarbon storage,its tank farm and pumping terminal.I do not have any marine experience.Can i work in chemical tankers??

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    prabhu Array
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    Re: Can I work in Chemical Tankers being B.tech Chemical Engineer?


    Work doesn't includes small kind of work , Huge Work

    So don't differentiate the work . Whatever work that is assigned related to your designation keep pursuin it without hesitation

    All that you need to look on is to gain experience in that relevant field

    With that experience you can switch over to a new company then you will get High Pay and Higher designation

    Companies like CPCL (Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited ) , MFL (Madras Fertilizers Limited) offers Job for Chemical Engineers

    Look into these company Websites and try working on it to acquire that job .



    Thanks !!!!!

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    yogesh Array
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    Re: Can I work in Chemical Tankers being B.tech Chemical Engineer?

    Hi friendYou are eligeble to do a tankers job in any chemical company.But high profile company requires some experience in related work so you should do work any chemical company for a little time.But a chemical engineer can do a work with these orgarnisations-production or use of chemicals, fuel, drugs, food,and many other products. They design processes and equipment for large-scale safe and sustainable manufacturing, plan and test methods of manufacturing products.You should upload your resume at any jobsite to getting good call for interview at -naukri.com,shin.com,timesjob.com etc.Thanks friend

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