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    Can I take my PL along with the Maternity leave?

    I am working in Siemens from past 3 years. I got pregnant and this is my first child. It’s my 9th month and doctor has told me to take complete rest. I have taken all the casual during initial stage of pregnancy. I have paid leave available and planning to take leave from this month. Can I avail my PL along with this maternity leave? Do I need to take extra permission from the manager for the same?

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    Re: Can I take my PL along with the Maternity leave?


    You have to inform your manager and tell him the situation that you are currently in. If you do not inform him and take the leaves on your own then it will create a very bad impression and you have to face the consequences. Its better to call the HR as well as the manager and tell them about what doctor said to you and tell them that you will rejoin once you get over this situation.

    You can convince them by telling all these things that you have written here.

    Hope it will help

    I am sure they will never force a 9th months pregnant lady to work.


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