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    Can I get 2 months of relieving period and then again joining the job?

    I am working as a software engineer in INFOSYS. My love for music took me in a singing competition for which I am selected to further be a part of this competition in Mumbai for 2 months. I canít leave my job and donít want to quit it. Are there any norms for taking me a relieving period of 2 months and then again join my work?

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    Re: Can I get 2 months of relieving period and then again joining the job?

    Yes, you can pass the letter regarding this issue to higher authority in your company, mentioning all the situation. You can take leave for 2 months with company approval and can rejoin it. but it's very difficult that company will allow you, if they said no and you take 2 months of leave then you will be marked absconding and you will not get your revealing letter or experience letter. All this can only be done through proper approval of higher authority in your company.

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    Re: Can I get 2 months of relieving period and then again joining the job?

    There is no labour law that you can take a brake for 2 months and then join. For rejoining the company after 2 months depends

    upon the wish of the government. It is good that you like music and you are going for the competition which you was selected.

    You should send a request letter to your management in INFOSYS for relieving you for 2 months for taking part in the

    competition. Especially you should request that you will be going to the competition representing your company and further that

    in that competition you will mention the name of your company.

    Since you are going for a competition your company will mostly allow to rejoin.

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    Re: Can I get 2 months of relieving period and then again joining the job?

    Hi friend

    Such chances come once in a lifetime and you should not miss the same . Jobs will come and go but something refreshing other than your day to day boring work and also where you can display your talent is very rare. You should be thankful to god that you got such a chance and thus should make the maximum of it. Not many get such a chance and as a result spend their whole life in these boring jobs.

    You go and directly speak to your manager regarding this and i am sure he will certainly allow you to take leave or give you a relieving period of 2 months as he thinks appropriate. Tell him the whole situation and how you really dont want to miss this opportunity as such things come once in a lifetime. Also tell him that you dont want to leave your job as you really like working here and are attached to this company. I am sure he will help you out and will give you permission to go without quiting your job.

    Make sure you are not in midst of an important project and try to complete it before leaving.

    Good luck and may you shine the brightest in the singing competition

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