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    Can I extend my maternity leave by a week more?

    I am a teacher working in a private school. I am 6 months pregnant and thus have decided to avail my maternity leave. But the problem is just after the completion of my maternity leave, there is my sister’s wedding for which I will have to take atleast a week’s leave. So can I extend my maternity leave by a week? Can you please guide me in the right direction.

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    Re: Can I extend my maternity leave by a week more?

    Hi aspirant

    I don't think you can extend your maternity leave even by a week. What you can do is inform your manager first only that after your maternity leave over, you have your sister's weding to attend to and thus you want to take those leaves to now only along with your maternity so that you won't have to come here in between to get those leaves. Thus you will want about 7 leaves for your sister's wedding. You really hope that he will understand your problem and thus will sanction your leaves accordingly.

    I am really sure that your manager will comply with your wishes and thus will definitely give you the extra leaves which you require for your sister's wedding. So friend don't hesitate to tell the manager the genuine reason for your taking the leaves and I am sure , as you have a very valid reason, you will definitely be granted the same by your manager.

    Good luck. Congratulations in advance for your sister's wedding. Have a safe delivery. God Bless

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    Re: Can I extend my maternity leave by a week more?

    Hello Mam,
    yeah if the wedding is just after the completion of your maternity leave then you can ask for an extension in maternity leave and a they have granted you s many days ,they definitely wont stop you for taking one more week.so in the name of maternity leave only you will be able to avail those seven days extra leave and if you produce medical certificate then there will be no issue at all.apart from that if you want to inform the proper reason to the concerned person then he will also suggest you to take one more week as rest and come after finishing your sister weeding.so dont disclose this matter with everyone in the school just inform the concerned body if you think you can convince him/her and then do as he suggests.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Can I extend my maternity leave by a week more?

    hello friends..

    @it may be depend on your company management

    @as per company rues they will provide the 3-6 months of maternity leaves

    @if you want to extend more one week ask your management

    @they will help to you

    all the best

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