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    Can I claim medical reimbursements from two companies?

    I and my husband both are working in a private firm separately. I recently had my baby delivery operation in which I was admitted to a very expensive private hospital. Can I claim for the same two different amounts from two companies, one from my company and one by my husbandís company?

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    Re: Can I claim medical reimbursements from two companies?

    Hi buddy

    Congratulations for your Baby Firstly you have to check that whether both you and your husband's company have provision of medical reimbursement. Then also find out whether that reimbursement is also valid for your spouses otherwise your husband may not be able to claim it if it is not valid for your spouses.

    Now if all these conditions are met then you can certainly try to get the reimbursement done from both the companies. But friend i would suggest you to get the reimbursement only from one company preferably yours. The reason for this is if by chance your and your husband's company find out that you have claimed reimbursement from both of the companies then it may considered as fraud and your jobs might be in danger. So its better if you claim the full reimbursement only from one company and not involve both of them . This would be more legal and safe.

    Dont try to think of extracting more money as you may end up losing your job and in turn having a bad mark on your reputation. I hope you understand. Good luck and God Bless

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