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    Can I claim HRA exemption when it doesn't appear in Form 16?

    Dear all.

    1.) in the beginning of fy 10-11 i have given a declaration of my rent paid/payable for the whole yr which do reflects in my pay slips as well.
    But, in jan 2011, i changed the company.

    2.) i could not send the rent receipt copy (from april 2010- dec 2010) to my previous employer for fy 10-11.

    3.) the form 16 for fy 10-11 which my previous employer issued me was computed without the deduction of hra from the total income,
    irrespective of the declaration made in the beginning of fy 10-11.

    So,my question to you all is--

    1.) can i claim hra exemption in the total income for fy 10-11 on the basis of declaration made in the beginning of fy 10-11.(which reflects in pay slips as declared for the year)
    if yes, then what procedure to be followed. And,
    if no, then can it be rectified in any way.


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