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    Can I ask to made redundant when my post no longer exists?

    My post in the company no longer exists and nowadays I am just being assigned some odd projects. Can I ask the company to make me redundant so that i can pursue other options? Leaving the job means that i will not get any money?

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    Re: Can I ask to made redundant when my post no longer exists?

    Hi friend

    If your position no longer exists in your company then you should certainly ask your company to make you redundant rather than wasting your time in doing some odd projects. Or you can ask your company whether they can provide you with some other permanent position in the company so that you have job satisfaction and thus a better future. Of course if you leave your job then you wont get any money but even then you maybe required to serve the notice period when you resign as in the case of redundancy.

    So I think both of them will be one and the same thing as in both you will be required to serve the notice period and will get paid for the same. So you should certainly explore other opportunities is your company is not providing you with a permanent position. Search for jobs in various reputed newspapers and magazines. Also try searching on web portals, as is the latest tend now-a-days, eg- naukri.com, indiatimes.com etc. You will certainly find some suitable good paying job. Make your resume impressive an dalso prepare well for your interview.

    I hope you have a bright future friend. Dont stay in this company where there is no growth and no future for you. Do the best you can and thus get the best. Good luck for your future

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