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    Can I appoint a non educational qualified but experienced employee?

    Being an employer can I recruit an employee who is not educated as per job profile but has experience of a good number of years? And please make this too clear that if company HR norms do not allow me to do this but if I recruit such person then what will be the consequences?

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    Re: Can I appoint a non educational qualified but experienced employee?


    For some catagory of jobs/posts, qualifications are important though the employees are fresher and does not have previous working knowledge...
    You will have to knoe the exact requirements so that employees can be hired...there are some posts for whom qualification does not matter but experiance matters...
    Hence if the company policy does not allow you to recruit without qualified person, how will you handle the same by violating the company policy...
    The only way to recruit in that cse depends on the approval of the supreme boss...i.e. the owner.. if owner is approving for such recruitment then the issue will resolve...

    Now you have to take that initiative for approvall process as HR will not go beyond process...after getting the approval you can initiate the process through HR...
    Hope that is clear...

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