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    Can a government official force a private concern for a candidate’s recruitment?

    If some government officials are on good post then will it be possible for them to refer their personal candidates to MNC jobs or they are only ought to give preferences in government jobs? Is there any force to private concerns if someone has power to refer the candidate?

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    Re: Can a government official force a private concern for a candidate’s recruitment?

    Dear Friend
    The answer depends on what post the said person is holding in the government office. Certain positions actually have a lot of power associated with it and hence can actually influence almost everyone and certain positions and so not powerful that they cannot even influence you for a job in their own office.
    To be frank, many modern MNC’s do not encourage influencing candidates. They go by the simple recruitment mantra “Right Person for the Right Job”. Having said that, this doesn’t mean that all the MNC, do not take in candidates with influence. There are some company’s who actually run because of certain favours from the government officials and hence they will have to be under their influence.
    Some companies only take in candidates according to their requirement which depends on the goals and objectives of the organisation and hence they don’t go by any influence.
    To answer your question in simple words, it will depend on the person who is influencing and the company which is going to be influenced.

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