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    Can anyone be sacked from job on account of recession?

    I am working in a software company from last two years and holding a moderate position in it..There is a rumour around that company is going to sack people due to recession. So,can experienced people be also sacked or only the freshers? Is there any means by which I can save my job if the company decides to sack me?

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    Re: Can anyone be sacked from job on account of recession?

    Recession is a very factor in software companies.This can severely affect not only the present conditions of the company but also the future of the company.As a consequence the company might be compelled to take strict steps to uplift the economic conditions of the company.

    It might result into:-
    -Lowering of salaries of the employees.
    -Sacking many employees from jobs.
    -Ceasing recruitment for particular period of time.
    -Trimming of the total amount of job positions.

    Although the company can sack anyone from job but usually experienced people are not sacked from jobs.This is because:-
    -It is difficult to run a company without experienced employees.
    -They are an asset to the company.
    -They can help the company in tough situation.

    Hence,usually juniors are sacked.However,experienced ones can also be sacked if the company is severely affected by recession which compels them to close certain job positions.In case the company decides to sack you,

    -You can talk to the higher authority.
    -Explain the negative impacts of the decision on you.
    -Speak about your good performance and goals attained by you in your service period till then.
    -Request them to atmost lower your salary but not sack you.

    Meanwhile,you should try for other firms which are looking for experienced people.

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