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    Are business networking functions really important?

    I am by nature not a very social person and currently hold a post of business strategist in my organizations. I keep hearing about business networking functions and get a lot of invites to attend them. Are they really any good or just a way for companies to claim some benefits in the name of entertainment?

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    Re: Are business networking functions really important?


    See,my friend,each and every organization has it owns culture and climate.
    This culture is used to distinguish one organization from another.
    The culture basically lays down the guidelines that must be followed by the employees of that organization.
    In case an employee violates these guideline,then strict action must be taken against him.
    This is done so that the image of the organization does not take a hit in the market.

    Attending business networking functions is also a part of culture.
    See,man is a social animal.
    You learn a lot when you interact with other people.
    You get to see how they are,what are the positives that you can take from them and many more such things.
    In fact,many a times it happens,that during these business networking meetings,deals wroth lacs of Rupees is struck between the 2 parties.
    So,you must go and attend such meetings.
    You'll learn a lot from other people.
    And also it is good for a change in the mood.
    You'll feel more fresh after attending such meetings!

    So don't miss such meetings from next time!

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