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    Is bringing personal laptops to company is not allowed?

    I am using a laptop where i have stored lot of technical stuffs. I spend most of the time in laptop and do my office works too. But my company they are not allowing personal laptops only company laptops are allowed and i don't have company laptop available to me . What should i do to take personal laptops to office. Do i need to talk to HR regarding this and gain permission from them.

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    sweetyilu Array
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    Re: Is bringing personal laptops to company is not allowed?

    hello friends..

    Bringing the personal laptops is not allowed in the company but company provide laptops to every one that will be allowed no

    personal laptops are allowed .. because work and data is secured and confidential..

    thanking you


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    Re: Is bringing personal laptops to company is not allowed?

    Hi friend

    You should certainly take the permission of your HR or manager before bringing your personal laptop to the company because if you take such a step without having their permission then they may object to it and this will also be a bad mark on your reputation and then you will have difficulty in getting promotion or salry hike due to this small mistake of yours..

    You can talk to your HR regarding this and tell him that either he should make a company laptop available at you disposal and you can transfer your data to that laptop or if he cannot do so due to some constrainlts then he should allow you to bring your own laptop to the company as you do most of your work in it and also have a lot of data stored which is of great help to you in performing your office work..

    I am sure your HR will see reason and help you out..But dont do anything without taking his permission..

    Good luck..God Bless

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    Re: Is bringing personal laptops to company is not allowed?

    It all depends on company's policy and there is lesser chance that you can use your own laptop in any company. The company is recruiting you to do their job and basically they won't allow you to use your personel laptop, i mean lesser chance.

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    Re: Is bringing personal laptops to company is not allowed?

    Hay Friend....

    Personal Laptop is generally not allowed in the private company, The company would provide Laptop which you have to bring in your Office..
    If you want to bring your personal then you have to get permission form your HR, give him a legal reason and importance of your Personal Laptop to your company..

    If your HR grant the laptop issue then you will be able to bring this...

    Don't bring your personal laptop without Permission....

    All The BEST....

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    Re: Is bringing personal laptops to company is not allowed?

    when you join company they will be giving you laptop for office work secured by a password also.. Personal laptops can be taken to company but you need permission from organisation.. But when the company has given you laptop then permission is denied for getting personal laptop.. Every thing when will checked when you work in software company.. You can't do your job and official work on personal laptop..so there is no permission for official work on personal laptop...

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    Re: Is bringing personal laptops to company is not allowed?

    Yes you must go to the HR Officer or to your boss and mention your problem and tell them that either provide you a laptop from the company or allow you to bring your own laptop in the company and if they say that we are thinking about this or make excuses then you should directly say that you are unable to work without laptop because laptop keep your interest in work that is why I am demanding for that and if the company will not provide me any laptop or allow me to bring my own then I would be unable to work good and perform well during my job so sir think about this and think about the profit of company and solve my problem because if I will work good with laptop then this will be profitable for the company and you will be happy seeing your company in profit but if I would not work then this may affect the target of the work in the company that is why think over this issue and try to solve at soon as possible

    All the best

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