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    Break time reduced without any valid reason

    In our office the lunch time or the break time is from 2 to 3. We usually get free in half an hour. But sometimes we go outside the premises for having something outside or for some fresh air. Last week our employer reduced our lunch timings as somebody complained that we are misusing our lunch hours. Is this right?

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    Re: Break time reduced without any valid reason


    Its mandatory to maintain 9 hours of work per day in all companies

    Also in office hours its not good to do personal works , spend time leisurely or chat with friends

    Its not good to do these activities as it impacts companys performance

    Each employees work is monitored tracked by clients

    So its better to avoid unwanted chats , spend time unnecessarily.

    But still you can relax for sometime but the motto is to complete the work on time

    Thanks !!!!

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    Re: Break time reduced without any valid reason

    Hi buddy

    Reducing or increasing the break time is certainly at your employers own discretion and i dont think you cant do much about it if your employer has reduced it..But of course your employer should have a valid reason for it and in any case atleast 1hr of break time should certainly be givenn in all the companies , after all the effort the employees put in their work they certainly deserve it..

    So in your case i dont think your employer is justified in reducing your break time to half an hour and i thinkm he must rethink his decision and change your time back to normal...Plus i think your employers reason for reducing your time is also not valid and he should certainly not consider your going out as a misuse of lunchtime..

    So all you employees must go to your manager and talk to him regarding this..Tell him you go out just to have fresh air or some kind of outuing so as to refresh yourself so that you can give your best to your work..This is beneficial for your company..I hope he sees reason and realises his fault and changes your time back to normal..

    Good luck friend

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    Re: Break time reduced without any valid reason

    Its a sad to hear that the duration of lunch time has been cut short. It must have been disheartening for all the employees because now you have to hurry up with eating your lunch. One hour break is a must to relax and then be prepared to work for the second half of the day. Incase you feel that your employer has no valid reason to reduce the time of your break, you should go and tell him the same.
    You should also bring to his notice that how this time was helping you rejuvenate yourself and as a result you were all geared up for the next half of the day. On the other hand you should also make sure that your work doesn't suffer during the day and you make it a point to complete the task given yo you in a stipulated time frame. I am sure you are polite in your request to your employee he will definitely understand and revert the timings of lunch.

    Keep working hard. Take care.

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