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    Boss wants us to join social networking sites

    I am working in a government organisation. Our boss is very fond of social networking and wants all the employees to join social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc to stay connected. But I have no interest in these at all. How to put this in front of my boss without disappointing him?

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    Sanswe Array
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    Re: Boss wants us to join social networking sites

    Dear Aspirant,

    Your boss is no way wrong..!! You have lots of benefits when all the members of your staff including your boss make a group in a social networking site like Facebook etc..

    > It's the best way to put forward your views and opinions, when you can't express it directly..

    > You can make very good relations with your colleagues and boss too...

    > And its the wonderful place to get connected...


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    Re: Boss wants us to join social networking sites


    Social newtworking sites are the buzzword now a days. Sites like Facebook, Twitter help you get connected
    with your friends or even colleagues in different parts of the world. You can learn new thing related to business,
    personal information and many more from them. but if you don't like social networing sites then you should tell
    that to your boss in apolite manner.


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    satish Array
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    Re: Boss wants us to join social networking sites

    i agree with the decision of your boss.it is good to join in social networking sites.your boss wants you to explore to the outside world.joining social networking helps you a lot in making good networking with the outside world.it fetches you some good information about the type of people,their work culture,business and many more.it also helps you to interact with the people around you and to expose yourself to outside world.
    it also gives a good experience in taking some good decisions and it also helps to enhance your skills.if we take todays world, it is full of social networking.it also gives you more information on various business strategies and also helps you to be in contact with them.so obey your boss and join in any social networking site.in the beginning it may be boring or you will not get interest and as the time passes you will know the importance of it and you will get interest.
    thanking you.........

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