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    Boss wants me to select a present for his sonís birthday

    I am working in a software company. I am very close to my boss and now my wants to select a present for his sonís birthday. But I have no experience in such tasks as selecting gifts for someone. Also I donít want to refuse my boss. How to deal with such a situation?

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    Re: Boss wants me to select a present for his sonís birthday


    Friend , first thing I want to say that if your boss is so close to you that he wants you to select a gift for his child then it is sure that he will never be angry if your choice is wrong but the thing is why you will take a wrong decision. First thing you can do is try to know that what he likes much and if possible meet his son and don't ask directly but try to know his interest and you will have your answer. If you are not able to meet that child then ask your boss about him try to know his interest and select a gift according to that. Gift is a simple thing , do choose what a child likes much.


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    Re: Boss wants me to select a present for his sonís birthday


    A simple common sense is all you need. The choice of gift will depend upon the age of
    your boss's son. If he is below 5 years old then a teddy bear, puzzle box or other related
    gift from either FisherPrice or Funskool will help you out. But if he is more than 5 years old
    then an action figure like HE MAN, BATMAN or battery operated pistol, remote control car,
    Fighter Plane, Helicopter, or Games or Books like Tintin, Asterix or Hot Wheels car is the perfect
    choice for him.


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    Re: Boss wants me to select a present for his sonís birthday

    selecting a gift for a boy is not so difficult task.ask your boss about the programmes or which channels he would daily or which cartoon shows he likes the most.as your boss is close with you so it may be easy having answers from him.
    second thing once you go to that boy and play with him for sometime so that his behavior can be observed and you can come to conclusion of which type he is and what type of cartoon character he likes.so according to it you can buy a gift for him.
    thank you...............

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