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    Boss wants me to get some tips from my juniors

    I am working in a government organisation. I have not been performing well from the past few months. Now my boss is telling me to take some tips from my juniors who are better at their work than me. Now this is very insulting and I canít take it anymore. What to do in such a situation?

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    Re: Boss wants me to get some tips from my juniors

    if your boss insist you to take advises from your juniors..... it's just to make you even more talented but not to insult you.so, try to gain those from your juniors.even you can't digest it then u have a best option
    as u have many ways to develop your knowledge on net or other sources, utilize them and prove your boss that you can
    don't worry friend

    Every thing will be fine in the end,
    if it is not fine....... then it is not the END

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    Re: Boss wants me to get some tips from my juniors

    Dear you also know that you are not performing well in the company and your boss is also worried about your performance because of no consistency in the performance so this the time that you worry about your career and learn something more from different sources as your boss is experienced more than all other employees including seniors so he know that what is good and what is bad at this stage and if he saw that performance of junior employees is very good and better than that of yours so you should not take it negative because if your boss is saying then he is right because he know that who is better and there is no insult in learning some new things from your juniors and your boss ordered you because you have lack of knowledge about profession and business that is why he told you to learn from juniors and according to him juniors are working better than you so obviously they have good skills and abilities that they have proved in a short time that you couldn't

    If you feel insult then you should go to your boss and say sorry to your boss that you unable to learn anything from your juniors because this is not comfortable for you and if you wants me to learn something about business then you should say to any other senior employee who are better than me in working well and providing better performance so may be that your boss allow you to learn something from your seniors and you will not feel insult in that and will learn something more proudly and also assure your boss about your future performance that you will do your best to increase my performance everywhere in the professional arena and your boss will be happy if you perform better and concentrate more over your work

    All the best

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