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    Boss sidelines and gets away with reports

    I have been working on my own projects as well as on other side projects. Recently, my boss during one of the meetings sidelined me and took away all the project reports. I have worked hard for promotion but my boss is exploiting me.

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    Re: Boss sidelines and gets away with reports

    Hi friend

    You should certainly not let your boss take so much advantage of you and exploit you in such a way. Harassment at workplace is a very common problem and you should not let your boss take advantage of your good nature and thus do injustice to you. You should certainly try to convey to him that you are not going to withstand such hrassment and want to be treated fairly and justly.He has no right to take away your project reports which you have prepared with so much hard work and effort. He should give you due credit and not sideline you completely.

    I think you certainly deserve a promotion and your first option would be to go and talk to your boss directly. Tell him all the above things and that you have worked really hard for getting promotion and that he should give you your due as its the right time now. He should catere to the woes and problems of his employees and try to solve them rather than creating problems for them. He should talk to the senior officials and the management and tell them your part in making those project reports ; that how much hard you have worked for them burning the midnight oil. He should get you the promotion you deserve. Everyone wants professional growth fpr job security and proper and peaceful professional life.

    I hope your boss will listen to you and provide you with full justice. If he still doesnt take any steps towards the betterment of your future then you should certainly go and complaint against him to the higher authorities so that they teach him a proper lesson which he will never forget. And hopefully they will provide you with a promotion and will give you your due credit.

    Good luck friend. God Bless

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    Re: Boss sidelines and gets away with reports

    Re: Boss sidelines and gets away with reports


    Try to find out as to why your Boss behaved like this with you.
    Maybe you might have committed a mistake and as a result he's annoyed with you and that's why in anger he snatched away the reports from your hands.
    If you are unable to figure out the reasons,then go to him and meet him personally.
    Ask him about what wrong or mistake have you committed.
    Assure him that the mistakes will not be repeated in the near future and request him to kindly hand over the reports back to you.
    Take care in the future that you don't commit any such mistakes!


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    Re: Boss sidelines and gets away with reports


    * Find appropriate reason for such discussion.
    * Meet your boos when he is free in office.
    * Do not irritate him.
    * Your hard work will never through you down.
    * May be that boss was in anger at that moment.


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