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    Boss not revealing my growth opportunities

    I am working as an employee in a software company for the past six years. I have been repeatedly asking my boss about my growth opportunities but he is always ignoring and not revealing any information regarding such opportunities. What should I do? Should I switch company?

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    Re: Boss not revealing my growth opportunities


    Switching the company will not be the perfect solution because in this company you have been working for some time and you know the things but in other company you don't know about any chances of growth . IT will be better if you focus on your work in your current company and try to get any chances of any growth in your company . As you are saying that your boss if not saying anything about any future opportunity so it may be possible that your boss is not taking your capabilities as much as he want, so talk to your boss and focus on your work. Remember one thing that sooner or later hard work pays.


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    Re: Boss not revealing my growth opportunities

    If you think that there are not much opportunities and your boss is not interested in giving you the growth you want than you can switch the


    But you have to take this decision with a proper research as for getting good opportunities you must have to be in right place.

    As you are having a good six years experience you should apply in big companies where the chances of getting good opportunities is greater.

    You must also be aware about your capabilities before taking any decision as if you try for big companies the competition will also increase and

    if you are ready than only you must take a decision of switching the company.

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    Re: Boss not revealing my growth opportunities


    Your boss is not revealing about growth opportunities for you. You have worked in this company for six years and you must get growth here. Talk to your boss seriously about the matter.Tell him that it is very important for you know whether there are chances of growth or not.Ask him what is the problem in talking about the matter. Also mention that you are ready to listen his criticism towards you. If he finds some fault in your working then he will tell and you can improve on that points. One should know where they need to improve then only they can focus on that particular thing.

    If still your boss does not respond positively then You can think about switching the company. But try to join some big company where you can find required growth opportunities.Since you have experience of six years , you will surely get a job in top core company.So, try for a better job.

    Until you get another job , work hard in this company.Work hard and hard work always pays.In the new company also you must work hard and smart to get promotion or growth.So, put your full efforts in your work you will surely achieve your goals.
    All the best

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