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    Boss not allowing me to sit in a separate cabin after being promoted

    I have recently been promoted to a higher position where the people are given a separate cabin. But my boss is not allowing any such provision to me,he is just telling to adjust with the workplace and saying that I will not get any separate cabin. How to raise voice against this injustice?

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    Re: Boss not allowing me to sit in a separate cabin after being promoted

    Dear first of all I would like to say that this is not injustice means when you have been promoted to any higher position from your previous designation then you must be happy with it and try to share your happiness with the boss and other colleagues despite being angry on your boss because you are the better performer that is why your boss gave you promotion for higher post so this is the time to respect your boss and celebrate the moment

    If other employees get separate cabin on that position which you are promoted for then you may ask for the reason that why company will not provide you separate cabin even after being promoted for higher position and if you do not get any satisfactory reply from your boss then you should not worry and try to adjust yourself in your old cabin but once you must request your boss again for a new cabin

    Let your boss do whatever they want but when you change your work and start working and completing responsibilities according to new designation then you should stay yourself for sometime and when you see burden of work then you should not complete your work and leave your office at the time of conclusion and when your boss ask you for the reason that why didn't you complete your work on time then you should explain that sir after being promoted I have got different and more new responsibilities in your office and all are necessary to be completed on time but I was unable to complete my duty on time because according to the designation, I am not getting enough good atmosphere to work and handle the pressure easily that is why I could not complete my work and my previous cabin of working is very disturbing and employees interrupt me in work for their help that is why I request you that provide me a separate cabin so see my faster and growing performance and profit of the company. I am sure that your boss will definitely arrange a new cabin for you as soon as possible

    All the best

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    Re: Boss not allowing me to sit in a separate cabin after being promoted

    See this is not injustice, it is understandable that after working so hard for getting promotions and even after getting it you are not able to get all the facilities related with it. First of all he is your boss that means that he has all the authorities to manage things according to him. If he doesn't want or don't have the space than you will have to agree with him and follow his orders. As far as injustice is concerned he has given you the promotion you deserved but sometimes due to other difficulties you don't get everything your want.

    It is possible that your boss doesn't have that appropriate space to provide you the cabin and if he doesn't than you only think from where he will arrange a cabin for you. It is better to wait sometimes rather than responding in such things as it will effect your image as an employee negatively which is not good for your career. So instead of thinking and worrying of such things you should enjoy your promotion and work hard to create much greater opportunities for your career.

    Your aim must be to think that how can you achieve better opportunities for yourself, these things will come automatically as you will gain success in your career. These things must not divert your approach of achieving more in your career.

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    Re: Boss not allowing me to sit in a separate cabin after being promoted

    Congratulations Dear for getting promoted... I understand that all of us, after getting promoted, do have certain expectations from our boss and from the firm where we work. Similarly, you are not wrong if you are expecting to get a cabin after being promoted and if you were promised before then you should have got one. But, please do not take such trivial matters to your heart. Promotion not only means that you have been designated a higher position but you are also expected to shoulder some new responsibilities. So instead of getting demotivated for the sake of a cabin, think positively about other benefits that you will get or might have already got. So, stay happy and start taking up your new responsibilities and perform to the best of your abilities and in the meanwhile, if you get a suitable opportunity, do communicate to your boss that you require a cabin to work better.

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    Re: Boss not allowing me to sit in a separate cabin after being promoted

    Hello Friend ,

    See to get a separate Cabinet for yourself, you need to be efficient in your work , i mean to say that promoting does not mean that you will be getting all benefit which your

    Boss enjoys, you have to be little patience as this situation is very critical and raising voice against such things might lead you to loose your work . so i would rather advice

    you to be calm , if you are deserving you will soon get your position and separate Cabinet too .


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