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    Boss making fun of me in front of other senior officials

    I am working in a software company. Recently there was a meeting of the management held, in the middle of which my boss called me to the meeting to ask me about something. But I could not answer properly and he made fun of me in front of the other senior officials. I really felt very hurt. How to deal with such problems?

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    Re: Boss making fun of me in front of other senior officials

    This is very hurting situation because if some one make fun on us then it is difficult to bear.we can't [FONT=arial, sans-serif]tolerate that kind of behavior but you have to be maintain patience.Because in all time we don't show our anger i mean it is not possible to tell them.There is no mistake of you ,giving incorrect answer is not a wrong thing.But made fun on you is very bad behavior ,your manger don't know how to treat people and at least he don't know to give respect and take a respect.I think very rarely we can see people having this kind behavior.Don't think about it.[/FONT]A wise man is superior to any insults which can be put upon him, and the best reply to unseemly behavior is patience and moderation.

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    Re: Boss making fun of me in front of other senior officials

    Hi aspirant

    Your boss should not behaved with you in such a manner and should have also considered the circumstances from your viewpoint. He should definitely not have made fun of you and should not have treated you in such a manner. But as he is your boss you can't do anything about it but just try to forget about this bitter happening with you. You should not keep on thinking about it as it will affect your work performance.

    Next time when your boss asks you something in front of other officials you should try to answer with confidence even if you don't know the answer correctly. Then atleast your boss will be able to see that atleast you have the confidence to speak in front of everyone and thus will not make fun of you in this manner. Only your confidence and attitude can get you through such situations without being harmed. Otherwise you will always have to cut a sorry figure in front of your boss.

    So don't worry and try to take this as a challenge. good luck

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    Re: Boss making fun of me in front of other senior officials

    Hii take it easy man don't feel that your boss made fun of you in the meeting.. Now you should make your mindset and make a decision that you will do work in a such manner that boss will praise you during the next meeting.. Every day is a learning day for you all the best

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    Re: Boss making fun of me in front of other senior officials

    This was not a professional attitude shown by your boss.This is because we all are humans and it is not possible to know everything.However you must understand the psychology of your boss.There can be various reasons which lead to this outcome.

    -Your boss might have called you wit a great deal of expectation that you will answer his query.So,his expectations were shattered on your negative response.
    -The meeting might be very important for the company.
    -The boss might have got frustrated and hence lost his temper.

    You should learn from this experience and channelize into the right path for better future.You should take this insult as a challenge to prove your worth.You should not leave any stone unturned and work hard to show that you did not deserve such type of insult.You must remember that your actions and the results that you will produce are the best weapons to answer this insult and prove your worth.From next time onwards in this type of circumstances,tell sorry if you do not know the proper answer.It is better to accept that you don't know the proper answer rather than beating around the bush.Work upon the fields in which you are weak.Try to perform upto the expectation of your boss.

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