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    Boss makes fun of me because my girlfriend dumped me recently for another guy in the company

    I have been suffering from a personal turmoil because my girlfriend dumped me recently for another employee in our company. My boss has found this out and tries to pass personal remarks during meetings. It is an awkward situation for me. What is the best way to tell my boss to stop all this?

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    Re: Boss makes fun of me because my girlfriend dumped me recently for another guy in the company

    Dear this is really hurting moment for you because you have got internal injury in your heart because your girlfriend cheated you and took another one in your office so this is ridiculous and whenever you will look at her then you will remember all the previous memories so before that I would ask you one thing that is - Did you ever try to find out the actual reason that why your girlfriend left you in between ? and if you get the answer then you will get the solution of this problem because may be that the employee who has became the new boyfriend of her is better than you in - Knowledge, Experience, Work Ethics, Understanding, Personal Feeling, Money, Luxuries etc. and if you found yourself less in something then you will get the reason

    Now leave thinking about her because she has left you behind in the way and you got nothing in making her your girlfriend and we can understand that this is not easy to forget her but at least try to understand that you have saved your career for better future because your mind was being involved in her and because of that you was unable to concentrate on your work but now you have been free from all worries and responsibilities and now can think more about your career and understand only one concept in your mind that you have not lost her she has lost her better future that was with you so you have to understand this fact that you have forgot your past and whatever happened is only for good in future so you will get a new life from the next day and when you see her then avoid her

    Try to be best in the office premises in behavior and performance among all the workers and try to be best in front of your boss and show that you was not better before but now you have been better than others and your boss will start respecting you at this part because professionally you will be the best and try to get good relations with your boss and make them happy despite trying to make them understand about your situation but before that you can talk to your boss that sir this is personal and I have been hurt too much and it pains me when you directly or indirectly point out in the previous form so please do not do this and let me perform good and start a new journey and this is the stage when I need your assistance and support from this side and if you will make me demotivated then I will feel compulsion that I leave the job so sir please I respect you a lot so I expect for the same from your side and you will see that your boss will never try to do that again

    All the best

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