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    Boss hostile towards my resignation notice

    Following by the protocol of the office, I took an appointment with my boss for sharing the news of my resignation. My boss turned cold and spoke in a vengeful manner. He also shared the thought that I was making a mistake. I have been working here for longer duration and my career growth had been stagnant. What should I do to make my notice period smooth?

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    Re: Boss hostile towards my resignation notice

    Hi buddy

    You should not think much about this sour interaction with your boss and just try to forget it. If you keep on think this would make the rest of the time in your company even more miserable. So you should concentrate on your work and not let such a thing affect you. Also what you are doing is for the betterment of your future and your boss has no right in saying that you should not do it. He is just behaving out of spite which most of the employers do when someone leaves their company.

    You should maintain your decision and just pass this time of the notice period. Anyways you are going to leave this company to never come back, so such things should not have an adverse affect on you. Rather you should be cheerful for the rest of the period and do something for those who have been your good friends here and have helped you throughout your stay here. Cherish these last moments in your company . I am sure if you do as I say, you will forget all about that incident.

    But if your boss tries to make life miserable for you, then dont be afraid and complain to the higher authorities telling them the whole thing about how your boss is behaving with you now and what happened during that meeting. He is doing this just because you gave your resignation.

    Good luck bud. Dont worry and be happy

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    Re: Boss hostile towards my resignation notice

    remember its not your that knows you. so always do the right thing, do take advice, analyse all factors before leaving a job. and it would be better to leave the current job when you are having a better new job in your pocket.


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